Chocolate Mass Processing

According to the final product, output, workshop space and budget provided by the customer, we can supply semi-automatic and fully automatic chocolate mass processing equipment.

Our chocolate mass processing equipment includes sugar pulverizer, fat melting tank, chocolate conche refiner, chocolate ball mill and chocolate conching machine. Chocolate conche refiner and chocolate ball mill are necessary chocolate mass production equipment in chocolate industry. Our chocolate conche refiner integrates mixing, grinding and refining, which is suitable for customers with small and medium output and low investment. The ball mill has large output and high grinding efficiency, which is suitable for customers with medium and large output.

Our chocolate mass processing equipment is widely used in the production of chocolate mass, chocolate spread and cocoa mass due to their stable performance and reliable quality. The final products are not only used in the production of chocolate, but also in the production of bakery products and confectionery.

Equipment Advantage

Flexible Capacity

From 20kg/batch to 12,000kg/shift, which can meet different customer’s demand from the beginners to industrial chocolate manufacturers, from demand of handicraft to automatic operation.

Food Safety&hygiene

we have strict quality control system from raw materials to finished product so as to make sure all our chocolate mass processing equipment conform to different customers’ standard and demands.

Reliable Quality

We always remember that our commission is not just to assemble a machine, but to manufacture a trustworthy machine that can work and grow with customer together.


They can be used to produce pure chocolate, compound chocolate, chocolate spread, filling&inclusions for bakery and cocoa mass, etc, which means our chocolate mass processing equipment can be applied in different food industry.

Device Application

We are well aware that all machinery and equipment are to serve final products, and all final products are ultimately to serve end consumers. So not only can our chocolate mass processing equipment be applied to chocolate shops as well as mass-produced confectionery & bakery manufacturers; but also applied to chocolate production, baking products and cocoa beans handling & processing. We have been committed to serving customers of different scales in different fields, so that they can obtain cost-effective products and services.


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