Chocolate Tempering Machine

Overview of Industrial Chocolate Tempering Machine

Industrial chocolate tempering machine is an important equipment for producing pure chocolate. Chocolate temperer machine has been playing an important role in chocolate factories and cocoa processing plants. Cocoa butter and cocoa mass are the main raw materials for chocolate, and because of unique properties of fat, the fat needs to be tempered before production. Our industrial chocolate tempering machine can strictly control the temperature required for each stage of the chocolate tempering process, and the chocolate is released from the mold and the  product. Well tempered chocolate not only brings a good gloss on appearance and a smooth taste, but also has a longer shelf life. If the tempering is not good, the surface of the chocolate will get a dusty white surface, named fat blossom and resulting in low quality.


Benefited by rigorous manufacturing and precise assembling, our industrial chocolate tempering machine can meet the crystallization requirements of cocoa butter and cocoa butter equivalent with stable tempering performance. Thanks to the sensitive temperature probe and precise temperature control, automatic tempering machine can precisely crystallize for different origins and types of cocoa butter, cocoa butter equivalent and cocoa mass, so that the temperature curve of the crystallization meets the process requirements.

Working Principle of Professional Chocolate Tempering Machine

The chocolate slurry is transported to the conditioner by the slurry pump, and the temperature is precisely controlled by multiple internal working chambers to form beta crystals and complete the conditioning process. The tempered chocolate paste is transported to the pouring machine or coating machine through the conveying pipeline, and the unused paste is returned to the previous storage tank again.

Typically, a chocolate tempering method includes the following steps:
1. Melt the chocolate completely
2. Cool to crystallization temperature
3. Produce crystallization
4. Melt away unstable crystals

Chocolate Tempering Machine for Sale 

Advantage of Chocolate Tempering Machine


Flexible Capacity

From 25kg/batch to 1000kg/h, our industrial chocolate tempering machine can meet a wide rang of customers from the beginners to important players in chocolate industry.

Food Safety&hygiene

We have strict quality control system from raw materials to finished product so as to make sure all our industrial chocolate tempering machine conform to different customers’ standard and demands.

Reliable Quality

We always remember that our commission is not just to assemble a machine, but to manufacture a trustworthy machine that can work and grow with customer together.


The automatic industrial chocolate tempering machine not only can be applied to chocolate tempering, but also cocoa mass tempering. So our chocolate tempering machine can be used in chocolate factory and cocoa beans processing plant.

Application of Industrial Chocolate Tempering Machine

We are well aware that all machinery and equipment are to serve final products, and all final products are ultimately to serve end consumers. So not only can our industrial chocolate tempering machine be applied to chocolate manufacturers, but also cocoa beans processing plant which needs to produce tempered chips or blocks for B2B business. We have been committed to serving customers of different scales in different fields who deserve to obtain cost-effective products and services.


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