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Suzhou Harmo Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of chocolate machinery&equipment. We have been engaged in the

In order to meet the needs of customer for small batch, customized and flexible production, we have one set of small chocolate production equipment. They are not only used in chocolate shops, bakeries, but also widely used in the research and development of new products in food factories. Because it works on the same principle as big-capacity equipment, it is very popular among food manufacturers.

Thanks to their small dimensions and flexible operation, they can help chocolate experts and technician to continuously develop new products, satisfy their spirit of exploration, and bring more delicious products to the end consumers.


Equipment Advantage

Small output

minimum output 20kg/batch which is convenient for chocolatier and researchers.

Easy cleaning&maintenance

Benefited by small volume, our small chocolate machinery is easy to clean and maintain.

Reliable Quality

Every set of our small chocolate machinery will be tested by our engineer and even run with raw material so as to make sure it work well after arrival at customer’s site.

Flexible operation

Benefited by its simple design and structure, our small chocolate machinery is flexible for production of different chocolates.

Device Application

Benefited by small output and simple design, not only can our small chocolate machinery be used in chocolate shops and bakeries, but also in the laboratory that develop new products by researchers. As we know, innovation is important for food manufacturers. Thanks to their small volume and simple operation, our small chocolate machinery will help manufacturers to develop new products for end consumers. Moreover, the working theory of our small chocolate machinery is as same as our industrial chocolate machinery, which means the new products developed by our small chocolate machine can be mass produced by our big capacity chocolate machinery too.


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