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Incoming Inspection

We have a professional quality control team, so every step and procedure which from raw materials into the warehouse, to half-finished products, and to finished products will be tested and controlled strictly.

In-Process &
Warehousing Inspection

In the stage of raw materials and semi-finished products, we will test the accuracy and strength of the products; in the stage of finished products, we will test the electrical parts and working conditions of the products, and test every set of equipment with oil or chocolate. Before the equipment is delivered to the customer, it will be inspected by mechanical and electrical engineers.



Our pursuit of quality starts from raw materials. High quality raw materials do not mean high quality machinery, but a reliable machinery must start from high quality raw materials.

Except motors and electrical components, almost all parts are made by ourselves. We have complete processing equipment, so we can control our quality and delivery time from inner part.

Assembling is one the most important process during chocolate machinery manufacturing. What we have done is not juts assemble all parts together, but make all parts work together based on the characteristics of metals.

After assembling, inspection by mechanical engineer and electrical engineer, our chocolate machinery will be run and tested with raw materials to guarantee it works without any problem.


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