Automatic Chocolate Conching Machine

Conching is an important and essential process in the creation of chocolates. It happens after refining and before tempering stage. Our conching machine is double jkt and with a hot air fan which blows hot air into the machine during conching. We have single shaft and double shafts chocolate conching machine. No matter what you need is dry conching or wet conching, we can supply proper machinery for you. Thanks to the high accuracy thermometers and probes, they will make sure the temperate always in reasonable range which is very crucial for conching. Our chocolate conching machine can help customer to produce high quality chocolates.



It's double wall and have a high-power air blower;

Single shaft or double shafts is optional;

It's competent for wet conching or dry conching;

Homogenize the chocolate emerging from the conche refiner or ball mill;

Remove bad smells from cocoa powder, moisture from raw materials and make the powdered sugar even by continuous mixing movements; Through continuous movement, the fat encapsulates the particles to bring a better flavor.

Product advantages

Our chocolate conching machine is designed and manufactured for conching chocolate mass. It consists of a large jacketed vessel containing a mixer or paddle to tumble the ingredients continuously. It will cause considerable heat during this tumbling process. The thermometers and probes will guarantee the temperature always keep in proper situation. The high-power fan will blow hot air into the machine and remove the moisture in raw materials.


By several hours friction and mixing, the particles in ingredients will be more even and fat will cover these particles completely. This will improve the taste, fineness and homogenization of the chocolate.

We have one ton to four ton chocolate conching machine which can meet different customer’s demands. Moreover, we have single shaft and double shafts conching machine for optional. We can change the arms or paddles to make our conching machine competent for wet conching or dry conching. No matter the chocolate mass is from ball mill or roll mill, we can supply proper conching machine for you.




Product Specs

Chocolate Conching Machine




Maximum capacity(L)



Main Axle Rotating Speed(pm)



Main motor power(kw)



Electrical heating power(kw)






Outside dimensions(mm)




Can your chocolate conching machine be equipped with cold water circulation pump?

Yes. It can be equipped with cold water circulation pump and quick unloading chocolate pump too.

What accessories are required by your chocolate conching machine?

Generally it needs electricity only. However, if you choose higher version, like equipped with pneumatic valve, it will need air compressor.

How long is the conching time?

It depends on the types of chocolate and your production process.

How long is your delivery time?

30-45 days after receiving your advanced payment and confirmed technical parameters sheet.

Can the conching decrease the size of particles in ingredients?

Conching cannot decrease the size of particles. It’s not like a grinder.

Can it be controlled by HMI&PLC?

Yes. Common version is controlled by panel, but we can use HMI&PLC. Moreover, we can use the series you required.


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