Chocolate Enrobing Machine

Enrobing is essentially a mechanized alternative to hand dipping. Chocolate enrobing machine works not only with real chocolate but also with compound. As one of professional chocolate enrobing machines maufacturers in China, we have series of chocolate coating machine for sale. Our chocolate enrobing machine is widely used in baked foods such as cookies, wafers, donuts and specialty pastries which from the customer's local area only. We have a variety of coating methods for customers’ choice, such as full coating, top coating and bottom coating.

Through the coating of chocolate, the taste and appearance of the foods can be improved, thereby making the foods more distinctive and more popular with consumers. In addition, we also have accessories for option, such as chocolate decorating machine and crushed nuts sprinkler. They can be used with enrobers to make the products more diverse, thus bringing more taste, giving consumers more choices and ultimately bringing more advantages to manufacturers in the market.

Working Process of Automatic Chocolate Enrober Machine

Foodstuffs such as candy are placed on the enrobing machine's conveyor belt, which consists of a wire mesh into which the product to be coated is placed, and each container has drainage holes to recover excess chocolate. The coating machine keeps the chocolate at a controlled constant temperature and pumps the chocolate into a flow pan. The chocolate flows from the flow plate in a continuous coating zone through which the product passes and is completely covered. A wire mesh conveyor belt then transports the coated finished product to the cooling area.

Chocolate Enrobing Machine for Sale

Advantage of Chocolate Enrobing Machine

Flexible Capacity

We have 400MM to 2000MM chocolate enrobing machine which can meet different customer’s demand. No matter customer is chocolatier or mass production manufacturers, we have proper solution for them.

Food Safety&hygiene

Material touched with food is 304 SS. Benefited by our quality control department, the raw materials have always been tracked and checked from our warehouse to finished products.

Reliable Quality

Every set of our chocolate enrobing machine will be tested by our mechanical engineer and electrical engineer, and run with oil/chocolate before packaging so as to make sure it’s without any problem after arrival at customer’s site.


Depends on different products, we can provide different versions of chocolate enrobing machine for customer’s choice, like double coating&double blowing, biscuits pressing device and biscuits rolling over device, etc.

Application of Chocolate Coating Machine

As one of the leading chocolate coating machine manufacturers in China. We believe that all machinery and equipment are designed and manufactured for serving final products, and all final products are ultimately to serve end consumers. So our chocolate enrobing machine for sale has a wide rang of applications in bakery industry. No only can it be applied to typical baking products, like biscuits, waffer and donuts, but also some specialty pastries, like dates, cereal bars and pie etc. No matter the products are small or big, light or heavy or customer needs full enrobing, top enrobing or bottom enrobing, we can provide proper solution and bring satisfactory final products for our customer and end consumers.


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