Stainless Steel Fat Melting Tank

Fat melting tank is one of the main machines in chocolate production and it is not only used for melting cocoa butter, but also palm oil, CBS, CEB,CBR etc.
IIt’s designed as double jkt and with hot water pipe inside the tank. Depends on capacity, we have cylinder shape and rectangle shape.
With double jkt pipeline and chocolate pump, it can reach automatic feeding and escape from raw materials contamination.



Material which touched with food is food grade 304 stainless steel.

Hot water circulation is optional.

For 500L and 1000L capacity, it has three independent cavities for different fat/butter.

It's available no matter customer needs 1000L/batch or 1000L/hour.

Product advantages

Fat melting tank is a basic machinery for chocolate and confectionery production. Our fat melting tank has three versions depends on capacity. The 1st version is round, which appearance is similar with chocolate holding tank. The 2nd version is rectangle shape and with three independent cavities. The advantage is it can be used to melt or store three different oil/fat at the same time.


The 3rd version is rectangle or square. But the inside design is different from 1st and 2nd version. Compared with 1st and 2nd version, it’s rectangular hot water pipe inside the tank. The advantage is it has a larger heated area, so the cocoa butter is melted more efficiently and in shorter time.

Product Specs

RYJ series fat melting tank
Project/Model 200L 500L 1000L
Maximum capacity(L) 100 500 1000
Electrical heating power(kw) 6 12 12
Weight(kg) 170 420 730
Outside dimensions(mm) Φ735*1100 1700*800*1000 2170*1320*1020


Which type of stainless steel material it is using?

Generally, inside is 304 SS. But it can be full 304 SS or 316 SS, depends on customer's demand and budget.

Why your fat melting tank does not have stirrer?

Cocoa butter or other types of fat can be melted easily, so it's not necessary to use a stirrer. However, for chocolate or cocoa mass, they need much longer time to be melted. So the chocolate melting tank needs a stirrer.

What accessories are required by your fat melting tank?

Our fat melting tank is double jkt and with electrical heaters at bottom. You just need to fill the water into the jkt before running. So it does not need accessories like gas or vapor.

What if the machine is damaged during using?

We have a full set of parts in our warehouse, which can be sent out immediately, and customers can receive them within 3-7 days.

How long is your delivery time?

30-60 days after receiving your advanced payment and confirmed technical parameters sheet.

Can we connect our hot water circulation to your fat melting tank?

It's a pity that our chocolate holding tank cannot be connected to outer hot water circulation. The reason is our chocolate holding tank is not a pressure vessel, which means it cannot bear the pressure/vapor which caused from outer hot water circulation. But we can add a water pump for inner hot water circulation.


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