Stainless Steel Chocolate Enrobing Machine

Chocolate enrobing machine is applied to coating chocolate on various foods such as biscuits, wafers, egg rolls, cake pie,marzipan and snacks etc. Moreover, it's suitable for pure chocolate coating and compound chocolate coating.
Our chocolate enrobing machine can bring your products a smooth coating with a layer which is kept at a constant thickness, giving the best final product quality.
It's composed by enrober and cooling tunnel. No matter the width of conveyor or the length of cooling tunnel, both of them can be customized by customers' requirements. We can provide accessories like magazine feeder, granular sprinkler, decorator,biscuit turn-over roller also.


Material touched with chocolate is food grade 304 stainless steel, which conforms to food safety and hygiene;

Our chocolate enrobing machine can make full coating, bottom coating and top coating;

It's suitable for pure chocolate and compound chocolate coating;

Temperature in cooling tunnel can be 2-10 celsius degree and air cooling or cold water cooling can be customized;

Arranging feeding and distribution system for automatic production can be customized.

Product advantages

Our chocolate enrobing machine is designed and manufactured for pure chocolate and compound chocolate coating. It’s suitable for a wide range of food products, like bakery products, snacks and confectionery, etc.

We have 400MM to 2000MM chocolate enrobing machine which can meet different customer’s requirements. No matter what you need is 50kg/h or 1000kg/h, we can supply proper chocolate enrobing machine for you.

Considering customer will coat different products on our chocolate enrobing machine, our chocolate enrobing machine has many versions and accessories for customer’s choice. We have one coating+one blowing or two coating+two blowing; we have accessories like nuts sprinkler and decorator. They will improve the flavors of products and bring more choice to final consumers.

Moreover, we have multi layers coating solutions for different bars, like caramel coating, cooling, then chocolate coating, crushed nuts sprinkling and cooling, etc.

Product Specs

SJP Series Chocolate  Enrobing Line
Project/Model 400 600 900 1000 1200
Wiremesh and belt belt(mm) 400 600 300 500 1000
Wiremesh and belt speed(m/min) 2.5-4 2.5-4 2.5-4 2.5-4 2.5-4
Cooling unit(sets) 2*3HP 3*3HP 3*5HP 3*5HP 4*5HP
Cooling tunnel length(M) 10 13.5 15.5 20  
Cooling tunnel temperature(℃) 2-10 2-10 2-10 2-10 2-10
Total power(kw) 16 16.5 22.87 25  28.5
Weight(kg) 1800 2300 3200 3500 4050
Outside dimensions(mm) 12000*700*1500 15500*950*1800 17500*1200*1800 19500*1200*1800 22000*1450*1800


How to make pure chocolate coating for your chocolate enrobing machine?

Chocolate enrobing machine for pure chocolate coating will have tube type heat exchanger, level sensors and outer circulation pump to make sure the temperature and volume inside tank are proper for tempered chocolate.

What accessories are required by your chocolate enrober machine?

Generally, our chocolate enrobing machine just need air compressor. But if you choose water cooling compressor or cold water cooling plate, you will need cooling water tower or cooling water system.

What if the chocolate enrobing machine is damaged during using?

We have a full set of parts in our warehouse, which can be sent out immediately, and customers can receive them within 3-7 days.

How long is your delivery time?

60-90 days after receiving your advanced payment and confirmed technical parameters sheet.

What information do I need to advise before you send offer?

You need to tell us information about the products that will be coated with chocolate and if the enrober will be connected to your production line directly, which concerns automatic feeding or manual feeding.

Can you provide a complete chocolate enrobing line?

Yes. We can supply A to Z enrobing solution for our customer. The whole enrobing line will include chocolate mass processing machinery, chocolate enrober and cooling tunnel, etc.


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