150-300kg/h Chocolate Beans Making Machine

Chocolate bean machine is used to produce chocolate beans and lentils. By the rotating of two rollers, it will make chocolate beans on the sheet. After cooling and sieving, half-finished beans will come out from the rotating sieve screen.
Depends on customer’s demand, we have semi-automatic and automatic chocolate beans machine. For semi-automatic chocolate beans machine, it’s more flexible and easier for beginners. Not only can it be connected with other chocolate machinery, like chocolate enrober, chocolate depositor, etc, but also save space and cost. For automatic chocolate beans machine, it's with an enclosed working area. So it can keep high standard food hygiene during chocolate beans production. It is composed by mould rollers, cooling system, conveyor belt transmission system, screening rollers, and PLC control system.



It can produce different shapes of beans, like round, oval, etc;

It has two sets of forming rollers or one set of forming rollers for customer’s choice;

It has automatic and semi-automatic operation for optional which suitable for different customers;

The excellence of our chocolate beans machine is lower power, large yields, good tasting and high food safety&hygiene.

Product advantages

Our chocolate beans machine has semi-automatic and automatic operations. For semi-automatic chocolate beans machine, each part can be separated and assembled with other chocolate machinery, which is flexible for producing different products. It’s suitable for beginners and manufacturers who have various types of products; For automatic chocolate beans machine, the whole process is finished in one machine, which starts from beans forming, cooling to beans sieving. After going through the rotating sieve screen, you will get the half-finished beans. Automatic chocolate beans machine is controlled by PLC, which is more convenient to operators.



The rotating rollers will bring chocolate beans in same shape and weight always. One set of rollers can produce one type of beans. Our automatic chocolate beans machine has one or two sets of rollers, which decided by customer. For semi-automatic one, customer can change the rollers easily.  No matter semi-automatic or automatic chocolate beans machine, both of them have reliable quality and excellent performance.

Product Specs

 Chocolate beans production line 
Capaclty(kgh) 150-300
Mould plates(set)
The best molding temperature(℃) -24~-22
The lowest refrigeraton tomporature(℃) -30~-28
The cooling unnel temperature(℃) 5-8
The largest molkding rotate speed(r/min) 1.5
The refrigeration rmodel 20p
Total refrigeration power(kw) 17.13
Main motot power(kw) 5.914
The discharge tank power(kw) 8.75
The maximum capacity of the storage tank(1) 300
Outside dimensions(mm) 10803x2020x2731


Does your chocolate beans machine can make colorful beans?

Our chocolate beans machine is applied to produce half-finished beans or lentils. You need chocolate polishing machine to make them colorful.

What accessories are required by your chocolate beans machine?

It needs cooling water system and cooling water tower for the rollers and cooling compressors. We can supply these accessories or you can buy them from your local market.

What if the machine is damaged during using?

We have a full set of parts in our warehouse, which can be sent out immediately, and customers can receive them within 3-7 days.

How long is your delivery time?

45-60 days after receiving your advanced payment and confirmed technical parameters sheet.

For automatic chocolate beans machine, can it make two types of beans at the same time?

If you choose two sets of rollers, it can produce two types of beans at the same time, because the two sieving screens are independent.

Can you deliver your engineer to our factory to do installation and commission?

Yes. We recommend the installation and commissioning finished by our engineer.










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