Automatic One Shot Chocolate Moulding Machine Chocolate Production Line

Our chocolate moulding machine is applied to making various chocolates, like solid chocolate, chocolate with filling, pure chocolate, compound chocolate, etc. The whole production process can be automatic or semi-automatic, depending on customer’s demands.
Automatic operation means from moulds drying, depositing, vibration, cooling to demoulding are finished on our chocolate moulding machine. Semi-automatic operation means moulds feeding, conveying, and demoulding, etc need to be finished by manual. It will be one depositor, two depositors or three depositors on our automatic chocolate moulding machine, which means it can produce different kinds of chocolate by changing the distribution plate and moulds.



Capacity is from 80kg/h-300kg/h which can meet different customer’s requirements;

It's flexible for production of different kinds of chocolate on one chocolate moulding machine;

European brand motors and components which can bring perfect products;

Servo motor depositor or pneumatic depositor is optional;

Accessories like biscuit feeding device, nuts feeding device, etc are optional;

It's possible to upgrade to modular production line.

Product advantages

Our chocolate moulding machine is designed and manufactured to produce pure chocolate and compound chocolate. By changing the distribution plate and moulds, it can produce different kinds of chocolate, like solid chocolate, chocolate with filling and inclusion, etc.

Depends on the types of chocolate, it will be one shot depositor, two depositors, three depositors moulding machine or shell moulding machine. So our chocolate moulding machine can be customized based on customer’s final products and capacity. Besides customized depositors, we can customize the length of cooling tunnel too. We can move the cooling compressor on top of cooling tunnel so as to save space.

The motors and electrical components are overseas famous brands which guarantee the depositing system and temperature adjusting system work very well and bring perfect products for our customers. Moreover, we have strict production process to make sure all parts and components assembled perfectly and make sure our chocolate moulding machine have good working condition even after 10 years.

Product Specs

Q11 Automatic chocolate moulding line
Project/Model Q110 Q111 Q112 Q113
320 510  320 510  320 510
Capacity(kg/h) 100-200 100-220 100-380 100-220 100-380 100-220 100-380
Depositor speed(times/min)  5-10 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12
Mould plate size(mm)  275*175*30 320*200*30 510*200*30 320*200*30 510*200*30 320*200*30 510*200*30
Mould plate quantity(each) NO 280-380 280-380 280-380 280-380 280-380 280-380
Compressor(m3/h) 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3
Total power(kw) 9 21 23 23 25 28 30
Weight(kg) 1000 4800 5800 5800 6800 6200 7200
Outside dimensions(mm) 2000x725x1560 17000x1010x1330 17000x1010x1870 18600x1200x2400


Is the chocolate depositor servo motor or pneumatic cylinder?

We have both for customer’s choice.

What accessories are required by your chocolate moulding machine?

It needs air compressor and cooling water tower to run our chocolate moulding machine.

What if the machine is damaged during using?

We have a full set of parts in our warehouse, which can be sent out immediately, and customers can receive them within 3-7 days.

How long is your delivery time?

45-60 days after receiving your advanced payment and confirmed technical parameters sheet.

What information I need to advise before you send offer?

You need to tell me which kind of chocolate you want to make and how many kg/h you want. It will be better if you can advise photos of chocolate you want to make.

Can you provide a complete chocolate moulding line?

Yes. We can supply A to Z production solution for our customer. The whole production line will include chocolate mass processing machinery, chocolate moulding machine, and packing machine, etc.


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