Stainless Steel Chocolate Cooling Tunnel

Chocolate cooling tunnel is a crucial equipment in chocolate production line. It's not only used to cool chocolates, but also to give chocolates a shiny appearance, crisp snap and longer shelf life. Ultimately, it will bring high quality products. Not only can it be used to cool chocolates, but also other foods, like cakes, biscuits and snacks, etc. Even it can be used to cool candles. .
Our cooling tunnel is made by 304 stainless steel and the conveyor belt can be PU , 304 SS wire or food grade plastic, which depends on customer’s demand and the products.


Different kinds of conveyor belt for optional, like PU belt, stainless steel wire mesh belt or food grade plastic belt;

We can provide air cooling or water cooling compressors for customer’s choice;

Both of width and length of cooling tunnel can be customized according to customer’s requirements and final products;

Fast-disassembling design means easy maintenance and assembling for operators;  

Speed of conveyor belt is adjusted by frequency inverter;  

Temperature in cooling tunnel can reach 2-10 celsius degree.  

Product advantages

Our chocolate cooling tunnel is designed and manufactured for cooling a wide range of products, like chocolates, bars, biscuits, cakes and snacks, etc. Since the conveyor belt can be PU belt, stainless steel wire belt or food grade plastic, it’s applied to various foods cooling. Depends on customer’s demand, we can supply air cooling or water cooling compressors, and even cold water plate which means the products will be cooled by cold water. Compared with cooling air, the temperature of cold water is stable and cooling effect is better.


We have 400MM to 2000MM width chocolate cooling tunnel for customer’s choice. No matter you are beginners or important players in food industry, we can supply proper cooling tunnel for you. Moreover, we have different versions of chocolate cooling tunnel for customer’s choice. No matter what you focus on food hygiene, operation safety or cleaning and maintenance, we can provide cost-effective chocolate cooling tunnel for you.

Product Specs

 Chocolate  Cooling Tunnel
Project/Model 400 600 900 1000 1200
Wiremesh and belt belt(mm) 400 600 900 1000 1200
Wiremesh and belt speed(m/min) 2.5-4 2.5-4 2.5-4 2.5-4 2.5-4
Cooling unit(sets) 2*3HP 3*3HP 3*5HP 3*5HP 4*5HP
Cooling tunnel temperature(℃) 2-10 2-10 2-10 2-10 2-10
Total power(kw) 16 16.5 22.87 25  28.5
Weight(kg) 1800 2300 3200 3500 4050


Is your cooling tunnel suitable for pure chocolate?

Yes. Our cooling tunnel have different temperature zones and each zone can be controlled by cooling compressors. So you can set different temperature in the beginning, middle and end of cooling tunnel.

What accessories are required by your chocolate cooling tunnel?

Generally, our cooling tunnel just needs air compressor. But if you choose water cooling compressors or cold water cooling plate, you will need cooling water tower or cooling water system. We can supply these accessories or you can buy them from your local market.

What if the chocolate cooling tunnel is damaged during using?

We have a full set of parts in our warehouse, which can be sent out immediately, and customers can receive them in 3-7 days.

How long is your delivery time?

45-60 days after receiving your advanced payment and confirmed technical parameters sheet.

How do you solve the belt deviation problem?

There are two sets of deviation sensors on our cooling tunnel. When belt moves to left or right side, the pneumatic cylinders will work and make the belt move in the middle.

Why we need to fill Freon or refrigerant when cooling tunnels arrives our factory?

We have to discharge the Freon or refrigerant before packaging so as to avoid leakage during shipping. Also, our customs requires us to ship the cooling compressors without Freon or refrigerant.


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