Automatic Continuous Chocolate Tempering Machine

Chocolate tempering machine is crucial to chocolate manufacturers when they want their chocolates look shiny, with longer shelf-life, crispy snap and better heat-resistant effect.
Our automatic chocolate tempering machine is designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of the natural cocoa butter and cocoa butter equivalent (CBE). The automatic continuous chocolate tempering machine has four temperature zones and each zone has a hot water tank. By working with cooling water system and precise temperature probes, our automatic chocolate tempering machines can guarantee accurate temperature which is essential to the characteristics of cocoa butter.



Vertical structure and continuous tempering process, which means it just needs limited space and can be continuous produce.

Four temperature zones and far famed probes guarantee exact crystallization and tempering;

Ultra size decrystallization pipe makes sure the crystals are melted throughly before returning to the buffer tank.

Made by 304 stainless steel which conform to food safety and hygiene.

Product advantages

Our chocolate tempering machine is made by 304 SS, which conforms to food safety and hygiene. The four temperature zones are composed by tempering discs and four hot water tanks. Benefited by rigorous manufacturing and precise assembling, it can meet the crystallization requirements of cocoa butter and cocoa butter equivalent.

The whole tempering process includes tempering machine, decrystallization pipe and cooling water system. The decrystallization pipe is applied to melt the rest of tempered chocolate. It’s an important process to melt the crystals before the tempered chocolate going into tempering machine again.

We have two versions chocolate tempering machine for meeting different customer’s demand. The ordinary version is panel controlled chocolate tempering machine. The higher version is HMI&PLC controlled chocolate tempering machine, which is easier to operators.

Product Specs

QTJ Series Continuous Chocolate Temperature Adjuster
Project/Model 250 500
Capacity(kg/time) ≥250 ≥500
Main motor power(kw) 2.2 4
Heating power(kw) 5*4 5*4
Weight(kg) 650 950
Outside dimensions(mm) 950*850*1600 1000*1200*1800


Is the decrystallization pipe necessary?

Yes. It’s necessary. The reason is the yields of our automatic chocolate tempering machine is fixed. However, not all chocolate production lines can match the yields of our tempering machine. When the yields of the tempering machine is bigger than the yields of the chocolate production line, the excess tempered chocolate must go through the decrystallization pipe and melt the crystals before recycling the tempering again.

What accessories are required by your chocolate tempering machine?

Our chocolate tempering machine has hot water tanks, so it needs an additional cooling water device.

What if the automatic tempering machine is damaged during using?

We have a full set of parts in our warehouse, which can be sent out immediately, and customers can receive them within 3-7 days.

How long is your delivery time?

45-60 days after receiving your advanced payment and confirmed technical parameters sheet.

Can I use one set of automatic continuous chocolate tempering machine for different kinds of chocolate?

Considering food safety and pollution, we do not recommend you to use one set of chocolate tempering machine for different colors of chocolate.

Can your automatic chocolate tempering machine be applied to cocoa mass?

Yes. Not only can it be used to temper pure chocolate, but also it can be used to cocoa mass too.


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