20L Small Chocolate Ball Mill

Our 20L chocolate ball mill is another option for laboratory and chocolatiers. Compared with our 20L chocolate conche refiner, it has grinding function only, but its grinding efficiency is higher than conche refiner. Generally, it needs 4-6 hours only for one batch of chocolate mass. Benefited by its simple structure, it’s easy to feed the raw materials and operate this machine. Raw materials just need to be fed from the top of ball mill and there is no lining bars and blades, so operator does not need to adjust the blades, which is very convenient for users.



It's made by 304 SS, which conforms to food safety and hygiene.

It's simple structure for cleaning and maintenance easily.

It has higher grinding efficiency.

It's easy operation which is friendly to users.

It has function of lid-opening stop working which can protect the users.

It's access to three phase or single phase voltage.

Product advantages

Our 20L chocolate ball mill is double wall design and it has thermometer and electrical heaters at the bottom. Just like our 20L chocolate conche refiner, when ball mill is working, the double wall needs to connect with cooling water so as to keep the temperature of chocolate mass in an reasonable range. Compared with our 20L chocolate conche refiner, though it has grinding function only, it has higher grinding efficiency which means it needs fewer energy for same batch of production.


It’s composed by steel balls, 304SS cylinder, safety switch and operation panel, etc. The lid can be removed from the machine, so it’s easy to clean and maintain, which are important for laboratory and chocolatiers. Benefited by simple structure and working theory, it’s easy to operate, especially for beginners. The function of lid-opening stop working will avoid the injury to users.

Product Specs

20L Ball Mill 
Project/Model 20
Maximum capacity(L) 20
Grinding fineness(micron) 20-25
Main Axle Rotating Speed(rpm) 74r/min
Diameter of balls 5mm
Main motor power(kw) 1.1
Weight(kg) 180kg
Outside dimensions(mm) 800*600*800


What accessories are required by your 20L chocolate ball mill?

It just needs cooling water tower or tap water to supply cooling water during working.

How long is the warranty period?

Our warranty period is 1 year, which starts from the arrival date.

Are there spare parts when 20L chocolate ball mill is shipped?

We will provide one set of spare parts for customer before shipping.

How long is your delivery time?

30-45 days after receiving your advanced payment and confirmed technical parameters sheet.

Is it suitable for single phase too?

Yes. It’s suitable for single phase. But you need to advise which phase it will be connected.

Does the conche refiner need clean regularly?

The 20L chocolate ball mill just needs to be cleaned according to our manual before first use, after that it does not need to be cleaned again. However, if you want to produce different types of chocolate, you need to clean it throughly.


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