30L Manual Chocolate Making Machine

Our manual chocolate moulding machine is designed and manufactured for production of compound chocolate mainly. It’s double wall structure and with electrical heaters. Not only can it be applied to manual chocolate moulding, but also be applied to chocolate melting. Because of 30L/batch, it’s suitable for small chocolate manufacturers, beginners and labs.
Compared with our 25L chocolate tempering machine, it does not have cooling compressor, so it needs to temper chocolate manually. Just like 25L tempering machine, it’s designed for multifunctional purpose too. By adding enrober accessories, it will work as a chocolate enrober.



It's made by 304 SS, which conforms to food safety and hygiene;

It's with vibration table;

Enrober is optional;

It's with wheels for moving easily;

It's simple structure for cleaning and maintenance easily;

It's with functions of chocolate melting, manual tempering and moulding.  

Product advantages

Just like 20L chocolate conche refiner and 30L chocolate holding tank, our 30L manual chocolate moulding machine is suitable for beginners, chocolate shops and labs. It’s double wall design and heated by water. Not only can it be used to make chocolate by hand, but also to melt chocolate blocks and chips, etc


This manual chocolate moulding machine is equipped with vibration table for manual depositing. It will vibrate and expel the air and bubbles in the chocolate. Customer can choose enrober accessory, so it will be a multifunctional machine to coat chocolate on wafer and biscuits, etc. We have 5M and 10M cooling tunnel for optional. By working with 20L chocolate conche refiner, 30L holding tank, etc, it will be flexible to produce various products.

Product Specs

 30L Manual Chocolate Making Machine




Net Weight(kg)


Outside dimension(mm)



Does your 30L manual chocolate moulding machine need water?

Yes. It’s double wall design. You need to fill water in the jkt before turning on the electrical heaters.

What accessories are required by your 30L manual chocolate moulding machine?

It’s does not need accessories like air compressor and cooling water, etc. It just needs electricity, so it’s convenient for the users.

What if the machine is damaged during using?

We have a full set of parts in our warehouse, which can be sent out immediately, and customers can receive them in 3-7 days.

How long is your delivery time?

30-45 days after receiving your advanced payment and confirmed technical parameters sheet.

Is there a chocolate pump inside your 30L manual chocolate moulding machine ?

It does not have chocolate pump. The chocolate is circulated by a rotating pan.

Is your 30L manual chocolate moulding machine removable?

Yes. It has wheels for moving easily.


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