What to Consider When Buying a Chocolate Moulding Machine?

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A Chocolate Moulding Machine is an industrial or commercial kitchen equipment used to create chocolate shapes and forms by pouring liquid chocolate into moulds and then allowing it to cool and solidify. These machines streamline the process of making chocolate bars, truffles, pralines, figurines, and other confectionery items.When purchasing a chocolate moulding machine, there are several key factors to consider in order to ensure you make the right investment for your specific needs and budget.

Mould size and shape variety

Size variety

Chocolate molds come in a wide range of sizes to cater to different preferences, applications, and serving needs. Generally, the moulds sizes are 275*175*25MM, 320*200MM, 470*200MM and 510*200MM, etc. They can be used on manual, semi-automatic and automatic chocolate moulding machine.

Shape variety

Chocolate molds offer an extensive array of shapes to suit various themes, occasions, and creative expressions. You can choose from traditional/simple shapes such as  Simple squares, rectangles, circles, hearts, stars, triangles, and ovals provide a classic and versatile option for chocolate making.

In addition, you can also choose modern ones, such as chess, skeletons, musical instruments, human figures, etc.

Moreover, you can choose book moulds, if you want to produce chocolate ball. Generelly, the chocolate ball is with filling.

In summary, chocolate molds offer a vast selection of sizes, shapes, and features to accommodate diverse creative visions, occasions, and production needs.

Types of chocolate moulding machine

There are different types of chocolate moulding machines, such as manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. Manual machines require more hands-on labor but may be more affordable, while automatic machines offer higher efficiency and precision at a higher cost. Choose the type that best suits your production scale, budget, and desired level of automation. The following focuses on introducing you to fully automatic chocolate molding machines and semi-automatic chocolate molding machines.

Fully automatic chocolate molding machine

This is a unique production equipment because of its big output&higher efficiency compared to other chocolate moulding machine. It is capable of producing up to 300-400 pcs of moulds per hour. Moreover, it is a fully automatic device using precise driving mechanism and HMI&PLC control system. The advantage is the whole production process from moulds heating, chocolate depositing, shaking, cooling and demoulding is automatic operation. The operator just needs to down load the recipe from PLC and start the moulding machine. Obviously, it will bring below benefits:

1) All process are finished automatically and it will save much labor cost for the users;

2) Automatic operation means higher hygiene&food safety requirements;

3) Its much more convenient for operators.

Semi-automatic chocolate moulding machine

Semi-automatic chocolate moulding machine is another choice, because of its flexibility&good price. At the same time, if you choose big size chocolate moulds, the output of semi-automatic chocolate moulding can achieve the automatic ones.

The main difference between semi-automatic and automatically is automation level. For semi-automatic chocolate moulding machine, the whole production process needs more employees, like moulds feeding, inclusions putting and demoulding, etc.

But the biggest advantage for semi-automatic chocolate making machine is it can bring more type of final chocolates for consumers because of its flexibility.


Other factors to consider

In addition to the chocolate molding machine sizes and shapes highlighted above, there are types of chocolate molding machines. Sometimes we also need to consider factors such as the machine's production capacity, accuracy and consistency, tempering capabilities, ease of use and maintenance, space requirements, energy efficiency and environmental impact, warranty and after-sales support, etc.

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