Chocolate Conching Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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Conching is one of the processes that is performed when chocolate is prepared for usage. When doing it on industrial levels, the Chocolate Conching Machine assist a lot, but with all their assistance, there are still so many questions. This ultimate FAQ guide answers your most common questions about this machine.

What does a chocolate conching machine do?

A conching machine for chocolate does multiple things since it has different parts working together. This machine has a surface scraper, a mixer, and an agitator known as the conche. So, when you put all the ingredients inside this machine, it combines them to form the right consistency for using chocolate.


How does a conching machine work?

The conching machine mixes and agitates the ingredients at the right temperature. First, you put all the ingredients in the machine. The machine starts spinning the ingredients, and some wheels mix them into a homogenous form without grinding them. Secondly, some scrapers constantly scrape the contents off the wall of the container.

It is because when mixing, contents stick to the walls and don’t mix, so the constant scraping action ensures everything is perfectly mixed. There is temperature regulating equipment installed as well that maintains perfect conching temperature.

Automatic Chocolate Conching Machine

What are the different types of conching machines?

The conching machines come in different versions depending on the types of ingredients you can use them with. Generally, there are wet conching  machine and dry conching machine two types.

Chocolate wet conching machine?

The first type of wet conching machine for chocolate helps using liquid ingredients, and the final product also comes out as liquid chocolate. The conching process has some vapors and volatile compounds, and this machine removes them if needed.

Chocolate dry conching machine

With the dry conching machines, the final product comes out to be in a solid form rather than a liquid form. Even when the liquid ingredients are involved in the conching process, the machine refines the texture of chocolate and eliminates unwanted compounds, vapors, and volatile compounds. This machine is usually made with a granite roller and bed.

Why is maintaining temperature vital for chocolate conching machines?

Chocolate contains multiple compounds that help maintain its taste. When the temperature range is unfavorable, those compounds will be impaired and lose their properties, meaning that the chocolate will not taste and feel the same as it should. That’s why the vital temperature for conching chocolate is between 60 and 80 degrees Celsius.

Do chocolate conching machines decrease the particle size?

No, the main tasks for the conching chocolate machine involve the following:

  • Mixing
  • Agitating
  • Aerating
  • Scraping

While it makes a homogenous texture for the whole batch, it does not grind the particles into powder or tinier bits like a grinder. That’s the biggest difference between a grinder and a conching machine.

Automatic Chocolate Conching Machine

Find out the right Chocolate Conching Machine for your industrial needs

A Chocolate Conching Machine can bring high efficiency to chocolate processing on an industrial level. Since all industries have different production scales, the machinery requirements also vary. To know which machine will be perfect for your use, contact us and find out by discussing every factor with experts.





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