Tips for using The Chocolate Refiner

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Do you like making chocolates alone, or are you just trying to make some chocolate delicacy for your family for the first time? Making chocolate sounds mouthwatering, but you have to be careful with the Automatic Chocolate Conche Refiner. Surely you will have to use to get the finest form of chocolate to prepare whatever you have cooked in your mind with smooth chocolate.

Tips for using Automatic Chocolate Conche Refiner

If you are using the Automatic Chocolate Conche Refiner for the first time or it didn’t work fine for you last time, then here are a few tips that will help you use the chocolate refiner with perfection:

  1. Clean the chocolate refiner

First, you must clean the refiner of every part of the body; for this, you can use hot water. It would be best to run some cacao butter or CBS/CBR that is melted for a few hours and then dispose of it. If there were any dust present in the refiner, it would affect the chocolate refining process. Now you just have to use cocoa butter or palm oil to clean the refiner.

After washing, dry the refiner and especially the inside blades and lining bars with hot air; otherwise, the moisture will negatively affect the chocolate while you are doing the refining process.

  1. Select ingredients

Now you have to select the ingredients you want to be refined with the chocolate in the Conche refiner as you can grind the material to 20-25 microns so you can imagine how refined the outcome would be. You can mix, refine, and conch using the same refiner, so choose your ingredients wisely.


  1. Adjust blades and lining bars

Once you are done cleaning the refiner and selecting the raw material, it is time to adjust the blades and lining according to the process you want to perform on the raw material that you would be using in the refiner. You can get real chocolate from the refiner or make spreads that you can use further in bakery items.

So, pay attention to the blades and the lining bars and adjust them according to your requirements.

Please kindly note that when you adjust the blades, the amperage cannot exceed 90% of rated currency on motor.

  1. Ensure the refiner is locked

Before you turn on the refiner, ensure you have locked it; otherwise, the consequences will be messy. You just have to double the lock before entering the real process.

  1. Add ingredient gradually

Now you must add ingredients gradually because there is a possibility that if you fill the bowl to its fullest, the refiner might get stuck or doesn’t work perfectly. So you can keep adding ingredients in small portions.

  1. Add heat if necessary

The last tip would be, but you can only consider it if necessary. You can use a heat gun or a blow dryer to heat the refiner to get more refined chocolate.

Automatic Chocolate Conche Refiner_

Things you shouldn’t use in Automatic Chocolate Conche Refiner

Here is a list of things that you use in the chocolate refiner if you don’t want to mess up the whole process of chocolate refining:

  • Agave syrup
  • Honey
  • Condensed milk
  • Water
  • Alcohol
  • Nuts
  • Dried fruits

Automatic Chocolate Conche Refiner

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