How to Build a Chocolate Factory

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A chocolate factory is a manufacturing plant that produces chocolate with the use of cocoa beans as the starting material. Various industrial chocolate equipment are involved in the production but this article discusses how the chocolate factory is built.

Only after a thorough production plan, plant layout, and chocolate equipment sequences are established, should a chocolate factory building be designed to ensure that it perfectly meets the plant's output requirements. All elements that might have an impact on how the plant in the structure operates must be considered.

Factors to consider when you’re planning on building a chocolate factory

To build the chocolate factory the following are a few crucial factors to take into account;

1. Plant layout

The placement of machines, service areas, and offices has a big impact on how plant structures are designed and built. In reality, the building should only serve as a shell for the labor pattern, which should be determined first. To satisfy future needs, flexibility should be built in, though.

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2. The space required

The size of plant buildings is determined by the amount of space needed for employee mobility, machine location, service centers, and material flow and storage. The sort of equipment used affects the ceiling's height.

High roofs may be necessary for the use of overhead conveyors and tall machinery. However, there might be specialized arrangements and extra expenses. If necessary, pits may be dug to house all machinery and chocolate equipment.

3. Materials handling

Simple material handling helps to shorten manufacturing cycles, prevents output bottlenecks, and lowers material handling expenses. For simple cargo handling, cranes, conveyor belt hoists, etc., are used more and more.

The use of material handling machinery is significantly impacted by a decrease in the number of columns and the preservation of a desirable ceiling height. Efficient material handling equipment needs have an impact on building construction.

On the other hand, a company's capacity to utilize this equipment effectively is influenced by the features of the factory structure.

4. Protection of the plant

The structure must be constructed in such a way that the plant is adequately protected from fire, robbery, etc. This can be accomplished by using a sprinkler system, fire exits, automatic alerts, outdoor hydrants, safety lights, etc.

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5. Factory lighting

The factory’s lighting and lights system has a big impact on how productive and fatigued the workers are. Therefore, when planning a plant, lighting guidelines should be taken into consideration.

6. Air conditioning, ventilation, and heating

Large plants frequently have separate buildings for high-pressure boilers, which is quite usual. Chocolate factory is much simpler compared with other production factory. It just needs cooling tower, hot water system and compressed air to produce chocolate.

Some manufacturing procedures call for extensive ventilation or temperature and humidity regulation, especially in chocolate moulding, enrobing and packaging workshop. Offices and factories are likely to have air conditioning too. New trends in heating, lighting and air conditioning have emerged in response to rising energy expenses. The Factories Act's legal criteria must also be followed.

Below are the other factors to consider when you’re done building the factory which is:

  • Facility services
  • Accessible within the factory
  • The appearance of the factory
  • future expansion
  • Environmental protection

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