How Does A Cooling Tunnel Work?

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Refrigeration and cooling tunnels are critical in the food industry. In fact, the cold chain starts in the food processing companies to maintain the product's conditions, slow the development of bacteria, and prevent deterioration. Cooling is an important process in chocolate and chocolate products production.

This necessitates the use of certain equipment including cooling and freezing tunnels. In general, the cooling tunnel is important in this industrial sector.

Therefore, getting a professionally made cooling tunnel from a renowned manufacturer will help facilitate your production.

What exactly are cooling tunnels?

Cooling tunnel is a system used in food processing companies to cool fruits, baked goods, snack foods, vegetables, and other items. They are structurally similar to convection air ovens, but don’t provide heat.

It is excellent cooling equipment for food processing and can also be used in other sectors of the food industry.

How does cooling tunnel function?

Cooling tunnel uses blowers to introduce outside air or ambient air into the tunnel and then extract hot air from the final products at the other end.

As a result, the air passage over the pieces enables a more even cooling in a much shorter period of time.

These machines, in essence, offer controlled temperature reduction in batch or in continuous cycle systems.

Cooling is the final stage in the food production process before getting the final products. Therefore, it is a critical process due to the input and output of temperatures.

Temperature and time are two critical elements for high-quality chocolate and chocolate products. For keeping the stability of cocoa butter crystals, the chocolates in cooling tunnel should be cooled by three temperature zones, which conform to the characteristics of cocoa butter crystals.

Input temperatures that are too low can cause unwanted and unstable cocoa butter crystals.

On the other hand, chocolate with surface temperature under atmospheric conditions before wrapping draws moisture in the form of condensation.

Maintaining cold and quality

Food processors work hard to create and sustain a cold chain for their goods. Thus, the cooling and freezing tunnels have played an important role since the beginning of this process.

The same products will be kept in warehouses and delivered to retail locations. All this helps to ensure that consumers consume a product that is both fresh and of high quality.

Features of cooling tunnel

Central control of the cooling tunnel

The central control system makes it simple to operate the cooling tunnel. All speed settings, as well as shuttle speed and switch, are grouped together.

Maximum security

The machine has two emergency switches, one just at the inlet and another lies at the end of the cooling tunnel, in addition to the emergency shutdown on the central control system. If any of the emergency switches becomes activated, the cooling process and conveyor cease instantly.

Adjustable conveyor

The conveyor speed can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. Generally, the speed is around 2.5 to 4 meters per minute. The conveyor is powered by electricity and the deviation correction will work automatically.

Detachable top

The cover's top provides adequate insulation and is built for fine and indirect cooling.

Benefits of cooling tunnel

1. A strong circulation system within the tunnel

2. Dependability and ease of maintenance and service

3. The ability to regulate the temperature in various parts

4. Attractive design that is simple to clean and maintain

5. Energy-efficient design

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