How to use a chocolate tempering machine?

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Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a good snap while eating chocolate? No one likes to eat melted and soft chocolate that doesn’t have a glass and mouth-watering finish. Therefore, you need to add a chocolate tempering step in your chocolate-making while using a chocolate tempering machine.

In this process, butter gets mixed well with the cocoa powder, so you get a perfectly made piece of chocolate when the chocolate gets through the main process. Without chocolate tempering, your final product won’t have a glossy finish.

A step-by-step guide to using a chocolate tempering machine

If you don’t have much idea about how to use a chocolate tempering machine, then here is a step-by-step guide:

Prepare your machine

The tempering temperature depends on the type of chocolate you are melting in the chocolate tempering machine. For dark chocolate, it has to be ± 31°C; for milk and white chocolate, you can set it to ± 29°C. First, for preparing the machine for the tempering process, you can set it to 45°C and then select the thermostat according to the type of chocolate you will be putting into it.

Ensure that the machine is completely clean. Otherwise, dust, dirt, or any particle in the machine will get mixed into it during the tempering process.

Add Callets

Now it is time to add Callets into the mixture, and the temperature must be between 18-20°C. Never add too many Callets at once, but check the chocolate state to see whether it is too thin.

Check chocolate state

You need to keep looking for the chocolate liquidity state, and if it is too thin, that means the chocolate is still too hot, then you need to add more Callets to it. The Callets will help in maintaining the temperature and helps the machine to keep stirring it.

Your chocolate is ready

Whenever the chocolate gets a little thicker, you can notice its solid form, and it is completely smooth like silk, which means your chocolate is ready.

Is it necessary to temper every type of chocolate?

Yes, tempering every type of chocolate before you give it a shape is necessary. Tempering gives your chocolate a tempting finish, and you will get the sound of a crack whenever you break it with a hard snap. Without tempering, the chocolate doesn’t shine, and it melts easily.

Tempering makes the chocolate solid and more refined look. There are a variety of dishes in which you would like to add melted chocolate, and in that scenario, tempering is not necessary. Otherwise, whichever chocolate brand we discuss, their chocolates get through the chocolate tempering machine for a refined and shiny finish.

Get the best chocolate tempering machine from HARMO

If you want to give your chocolate a satin glass, solid and an amazing snap, then your product must go through the tempering process. After tempering, when you let the chocolate cool down, it will contract, and you will be able to unmold it easily while adding more details. The chocolate tempering process gets easier with the help of a chocolate tempering machine. Contact our time to get help about chocolate tempering machine and how can you order it from us. We are waiting for you.




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